What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?

This is a question posed in Kingdom Strong’s Inner Circle group this morning (seriously, you have to join) , and this is vibrating in my head today.

I would…

  • Pursue a graduate certificate in theology
  • Throw my everything into blogging, writing, freelancing, and making words my full-time job
  • Market for myself and my personal brand
  • Share: words, thoughts, ideas, crazy schemes, inspiring ideas
  • Advocate, advocate, advocate

I’ll let you in on a secret…these are the things the Lord is already telling me to do. But I am terrified that I lack the ability, the time, that none of this is practical. I’m so scared. I’m working with Him to overcome it.

What would you do if you had no fear? 

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?

  1. Same as you minus the theology certificate. I am taking some steps in the right direction, but it is hard! Lots of prayer over here. I’m so glad you asked. I’m so glad you’re doing this blog.


    1. It is hard! I’ve been journaling things I don’t believe the Lord can (will) do for me. Things I’ve convinced myself out of, and this list falls pretty squarely in line with those topics. Sad that we do this to ourselves!

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