America: Making Impossible Decisions Harder

As gun rights were bolstered by the Supreme Court this week, and as abortion rights were torn down, I’m struck by the absolute hypocrisy of the right. The party that purports to love and represent Jesus–82% of whom claim to be Christian–want more killing machines and less “meet you where you are” love.

No one supports killing babies, so just keep those words out of your mouth. Abortion is the hands-down hardest decision of a pregnant person’s life. Excruciating. And now it’s barely a choice at all. Unless you’re privileged enough to travel to a state that allows abortions, you have nothing. What does that mean? It means that people of color will endure the brunt of this. That’s just what it means.

Personally, I will never have another baby. Ever. For no reason will I have another baby. Nada. I guess that means no more sex for me because my birth control is always screwed up because of insurance (and birth control will probably go next). I’m also a cis white lady with a whole shit ton of privilege and a husband who won’t leave me because of my Lysistrata shenanigans, but so many people don’t have those privileges. So many won’t have a choice.

Since this has been Christianity’s crusade (arm more, mind your own fucking business less) I’ll keep saying it…Jesus met people where they were. Whether they were adulterers, abusers, worked for the empire (America is now the empire, btw), sex workers, outsiders of all kinds, he loved them. He fed them! He hung out with them…by choice! Think of every outsider “nobody” you can, and Jesus said they were somebody. When I see people say that this stripping of choice is “the h-e-a-r-t* of Jesus” I want to vomit. This is the h-e-a-r-t of empire. An empire that values its killing machines and legalistic bullying over human dignity and the right to endure pain with CHOICE in hand and personally make that decision with or without God in their heart. It. Is. Their. Choice.

Y’all, I know we are ALL getting Jesus love wrong. We are. Everyone. All sides. All the time. But I see more Jesus in allowing someone the hardest decision of their life AND IT BE THEIR DECISION. I see Christianity as trying to discern the love of Jesus in every situation. As humans, we fail miserably, but we can do better than this.

*As an aside, my one child–not having another–set my computer and phone to make a ♡ symbol when I type the word, so I’m laughing at having to spell out h-e-a-r-t but also not having another kid.

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